Awoo Art Galley

Awoo Art Gallery invites local talented painters or ceramists to display their artwork for sale in prime downtown location!

•The desired art styles are Realism, Impressionism Surrealism and Photorealism especially oil paintings!

•We particularly welcome artworks that engender wholesome, positivity and hope feelings in the audience.

Artworks On Display for Sale:

Artist: Rick Ruiz: Blending Tradition with Innovation

Bio: Mexican-born and now living in Kernersville, North Carolina-based artist, Rick Ruiz, crafts a vivid tapestry of his rich heritage and the lush beauty of his adoptive home through his evocative works of art. An early journey from Mexico City to the United States set the stage for Rick's lifelong fascination with merging cultures, spaces, and mediums. With a palette often reflecting the vibrant hues prevalent in his culture, Rick has become a maestro of color, ceaselessly exploring the depth of emotions that each hue can evoke. His creations serve as a bridge, uniting the warm, earthy tones and iconic patterns of Mexico with the fresh, inspiring vistas of North Carolina. Find out more about Rick and his journey through the beautiful world of color at: insta: allthingsrick_